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Giagnacovo's artisanal cured meats are characterized by a specific manufacturing process, taken care of in every At the basis of their mouthwatering goodness are targeted experience and professionalism that are never improvised, but follow the very precise rules of tradition. Detail, which leads to a final result of the highest organoleptic value.

Salumi Giagnacovo

Salumificio Giagnacovo is a small, family-owned farm in Molise. It was born in a small town in the hinterland of Molise: San Biase. It is such a small town that it has just 150 inhabitants. The farm is involved in the production and processing of pork. This is now a traditional Molisian ritual that has been handed down from generation to generation.


The company is deliberately small and family-owned. Consequently, the goal is to keep alive the ancient peasant tradition of pork. Moreover, only by being small producers can we offer a product of the highest quality, such as our spicy salami. In fact, by doing so, the company is able to personally care for and follow every stage of processing. It also follows every detail or detail correctly. From the choice of meats to the use of useful materials for processing.

"Salumificio Giagnacovo is synonymous with the tradition of fragrances, aromas, excellent and unique tastes. Our cured meats are made by hand and only with selected meats; the tying is done as in the past, strictly by hand and stuffed into natural gut."
Antonio Giagnacovo
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