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Pleasure in every sense
Real flavors, simple and tasty recipes that enhance the raw materials while preserving their authenticity.

The roots and the branches, up to the fruits

The love of good taste, the passion to research it, the claim that it is perfect. Orominerva products reflect their land, Molise, thanks to identifying, natural and decisive flavours. In 2011 the activity began as an oil mill and production of food preserves. Over the years, the offer has been enriched with new products including flavored oils, pestos, pestos, creams and artisan tomato puree, protagonist of the first place in the prestigious Gambero Rosso 2017 ranking.

The selection of raw materials is careful to make quality choices. The desire to preserve the genuine flavors of tradition without altering them is achieved with recipes without preservatives, which require few good ingredients.
Raising the raw material, safeguarding the environment, a work implicitly also aimed at enhancing the territory. This does not only concern the use of the earth's resources, but also the creation of a profitable reality for the place and the commitment to social integration, which the company carries out with concrete actions.


Extra virgin olive oil

Orominerva EVO oil is born from selected native olive cultivars. An authentic extra virgin olive oil, which perfectly preserves the goodness and naturalness of its raw materials, narrating the identity of a territory in which the olive culture is an ancient tradition. The processing of the olives takes place in the 24 hours following the harvest, in some cases still manually; after milling, the oil decants naturally into steel tanks and is finally bottled without being filtered.



In Orominerva pickles, the goodness of selected land products blends with the quality of a natural and unpreserved EVO oil. Vegetables we produce or cultivated by trusted farmers are the protagonists, our extra virgin olive oil is the glue, a decisive ingredient for obtaining excellent products. Our pickles do not need anything else. 


Pestos and creams

Obtained from Orominerva's usual passion for good things, our pestos and creams are distinguished by the first choice of raw materials mixed with extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Different types of pesto and creams, also for vegetarians - thanks to the use of cheese with vegetable rennet - with which to make exquisite aperitifs, appetizers, but also first courses and second courses.


Tomato preserves

In every Orominerva tomato preserve, tradition guides research and methods. As with grandmother's preserves, the selection of raw materials and manufacturing processes follow simple but essential criteria. Tomatoes grown as in the past and a production that enhances their goodness without the need for preservatives, guarantee the genuineness necessary for preserves. 

"Preserving goodness, as it is, authentic, made of only good ingredients. And then spreading it through taste: we focus everything on the quality given by the best raw materials and simple processing aimed at preserving its naturalness and enhancing its pleasure. "
Nico Colicchio
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