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Our secret? Our mother yeast, irreplaceable, guarded, cared for and nourished for over 50 years.
And then the raw materials: coming from a green and natural territory, the Molise one.


Time, patience, love for simple things and then our yeast ... here are the secrets of the success of our leavened products . 
From croissants to bread to panettone, our processing method is made up of choices: selected ingredients, raw materials chosen without compromise. A true ritual whose main element is the use of mother yeast which guarantees a natural leavening process.


Sourdough and the baking process
For over 50 years we have mainly used sourdough (or sourdough) as a basis for the preparation of our leavened products. Mother yeast boasts numerous nutritional and beneficial properties but only by combining the right technique, knowledge and raw materials, they can come out at their best.
Products leavened with mother yeast have the characteristic of being easily digestible and have a tasty flavor naturally conferred by the yeast. With better organoleptic characteristics, they keep longer, they resist mold very well  and release even more interesting aromas even ten hours after cooking.
The link to the territory
Pure mountain air, water from the Sorgenti del Volturno, raw materials selected on the territory: our products speak not only of the people who work there, but also of the wonderful still uncontaminated territory which represents an added value of our production. The link with the territory has always influenced our production and, above all, processing choices.
Choice of raw materials
To produce an exclusive product, careful and continuous research is needed for the best raw materials, selected and of quality, and we try to prefer a supply chain as short as possible. Fresh eggs from Molise farms, Molise EVO oil, high mountain honey from the nearby Abruzzo National Park.  The processing of these ingredients from the territory, together with the use of sourdough, guarantees a good and genuine final product.


From fornai Ricci, one of the best artisan doves and panettone in Italy.

Of course excellent. Our panettone and our colomba have received and receives numerous awards and recognitions.


Traditional product



"Goodness and genuineness, baked products made with love, research and passion to satisfy the palate."
Ricci family
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