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Existence of Taste unites the best expressions of artisans from our region, Molise, which stretches from the national park of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise in the north to overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the east.

With 4,460 square kilometers of unspoiled territory, for just under 300,000 inhabitants, it has among the lowest population densities in Italy.

The project was born from a group of friendly entrepreneurs, united by a passion for good food, and with a common idea, that of proposing to the final consumer a taste experience outside the standardization of industrial products that mortify the natural imprint of raw materials and make them incapable of defying time.

Artisans from Molise are able to create food excellence that goes well beyond the challenge of time, and leave indelible marks of genuine tastes that are often forgotten.

Hence the need for a selection brand that would bring together Molisian Artisans, bound by a love of tradition and respect for an area little known to discerning consumers.

The Artisans of Exist of Taste, make limited quantities of Products, have no commercial structures, so it would be difficult for them to propose themselves individually to larger markets.

This is where our business experience comes into play that of production and logistics, our main jobs all along.

We are certain that, tasting the products of the Molise Artisans, the first feeling will be that "THE MOLISE EXISTS."

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