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Each of our products is unique and genuine and embodies our history and that of our territory.


In a small town in the Molise region, among the wonders of a clean and uncontaminated nature, the art of truffle processing is born, the professionalism of obtaining the pleasure of genuine products on the table from the earth.
The Sabetta truffle is available in different processes and weights to best satisfy every whim, even that of the most demanding palates and addresses its offer to an international clientele: consumers, restaurants, specialty food shops, distributors, importers and producers, such as cured meats, dairies and pasta factories. An integral part of the company mission is the dissemination of knowledge and culture on the truffle, a product so extraordinary and unique that the land still manages to produce spontaneously. The typically handcrafted feature makes the products of this company simple and healthy, suitable for all occasions, even the most particular ones.

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Organic Condiment based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Natural White Truffle Extract

A high quality dressing made with an organic extra virgin olive oil and natural white truffle extract. It does not contain artificial or chemically reconstructed flavors. A 100% Italian product.

Truffle creams


Ready-made truffle sauces

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"We know the origin of each of our truffles,
the way they were collected, the quality and their scents."
Angelo Sabetta
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