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The beers of the Birrificio del Contado are all strictly produced with water from the Matese sources, local raw materials and a selection of Italian and non-Italian malts and hops.



A craft beer must be unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw and the second fermentation must take place in the bottle through fermentation.

Only in this way is it possible to obtain a living product, in which the yeasts present at the bottom of the bottle continue their fermentation, characterizing the flavor and refining the taste of the beer, which evolves over time, providing complex and different sensory sensations from time to time.


The absence of pasteurization and filtration therefore allows to keep all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the beer unaltered, enhancing the qualitative potential of the materials used in the production process.

All the beers produced by the Birrificio del Contado are natural, obtained without the addition of preservatives, antioxidants or stabilizers.

The entire production process is characterized by a scrupulous care of all phases and a careful selection of the raw materials used.

Inside the Brewery, every operation, from the grinding of the malt to the labeling, is carried out by hand, for this reason, producing a batch of beer takes on two aspects, one that involves a commitment of many hours of work, the other that gives the possibility for the brewer to express his creativity to the fullest: hence the word ARTISAN!


The Birrificio del Contado located in Cercemaggiore (CB), in the Molise area, was born from the idea of two boys, an entrepreneur specialized in the wine sector, the owner of a winery the other, a master brewer, with many years of experience in the oenological laboratory of University of Molise, specialized in the recognition, selection and multiplication of yeasts and bacteria.

In synergy with MolisHemp it offers the market three truly surprising hemp beers.


Unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer keg

Unfiltered and unpasteurized craft hemp beer keg

"The passion and competence that unites them has meant that the Birrificio del Contado could already achieve remarkable results, despite its young age, in fact, things done with passion are the ones that succeed best and our craft beer produced is made with the same passion and competence."
Bruno Testa
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