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We produce pasta using only flours obtained from organically grown wheat by local companies.


From the earth to pasta 

In our pasta factory in Cercemaggiore in Molise we produce bronze-drawn organic pasta using only semolina obtained from Italian wheat. In agreement with local companies we carry out a supply chain project. Following the production and storage of the wheat, the milling of the semolina and finally the production of the pasta, we are committed to guaranteeing the highest quality to obtain a sustainable and pleasant-tasting product.


100% Italian organic artisan pasta

Controlled operator N.S1790 Control body authorized by MiPAAFT T BIO 006 Agriculture Italy


Second level national association, not for profit, which works for the affirmation of the value of cultivated biodiversity.


Organic durum wheat semolina pasta

Whole organic durum wheat pasta, stone ground saragolla variety

"Love, passion, respect for ancient artisan techniques and the use of pure Italian durum wheat semolina are the perfect combination for a product of the highest quality."
Michele Testa
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