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Our wine, theTintilia, is the story of our bond with the earth and the orchestration of extreme forces of nature to create a unique harmony.
Tommaso Giagnacovo


The winery Giagnacovo winery is located in San Biase, a town in the province of Campobasso, located in the hinterland of the Molise region.

The territory has always been rich in vineyards since the time of the Baron of San Biase (17th century) and dates back to the early 1800s, an act in which a very high total area planted with vines was declared, the largest compared to the surrounding municipalities, in fact the wine trade constituted for a long period, up to the 60s of the last century, a great resource for our peasant populations in the area.


In the production of its wines, it follows and takes care of the entire production chain, from the location of the vineyard, therefore to respect for the environment, uncontaminated territory of Molise, to respect and conservation of the natural aromas of the product, to pruning and manual harvesting. , up to the final product which, before going out on the market, must have certain characteristics, at the risk of not being produced.

The fruits arising from the vineyards are of natural origin and the continuous research, even with modern techniques, aims at the conservation of these products with all the properties that characterize them of the territory of location, allowing an infinite journey from the past to the present, always in continuous evolution, in anticipation of the future.

With the continuous research and application of the resulting knowledge, we have arrived at the production of wines without the use of added sulphites, producing a product that is as natural as possible, so that the final consumer can re-emerge, with his own senses, the nature present inside the grain, simply by tasting a glass of wine.



We are proud to present our wines obtained without the addition of sulphites or other oenological adjuvants . 


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"We believe that wine is something that everyone can appreciate. It makes life a little sweeter. No pretensions here. Only the good things."
Amerigo Giagnacovo
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